From the Stump a Branch will Grow

by Jacob Mau

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released February 23, 2013

all songs by Jacob Mau
tracks 1-3 recorded by Jacob Mau
track 4 recorded by Joe Tessone
all tracks mixed and mastered by Joe Tessone


all rights reserved



Jacob Mau Chicago, Illinois

Jacob Mau spins compelling stories of misfit people and misplaced landscapes oft overlooked by others, and ignored by history. As this year's winner of Chicago's longest-running open mic competition, hosted annually by Uncommon Ground, he is clearly a standout among the city's best singer-songwriters. Good things await this young musician."

-Scott Schaefer
Label Manager
Bloodshot Records
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Track Name: Just Say It
Seven times I have forgiven
I think that is enough, O Lord
I think that is enough
Seventy times seven? you must be kidding
I don’t think you understand just what
Those people did to me

And when it comes right down to
I don’t believe you’d ask me to endure
Such an injustice quietly
I’ve had enough now I must vindicate myself
Stand up, make sure everyone knows
Its them who’s in the wrong, not me

Out of my abundance I have given
I think that is enough, O Lord
I think that is enough
Remember that poor old woman who
Offered her whole living with her two small coins?
Yes I remember her, Mark chapter twelve

But really when it comes right down to it
I like that little story, I just don’t think it’s
Got much to do with me
That woman barely owned a thing
I’ve got sizable investments, Lord
I can’t manage them as carelessly as she

Sermon after sermon I have listened
I think that is enough, O Lord
I think that is enough
I take notes and bring them home
To my dresser drawer, but tell me
Do you lay your life down for your friends?
Do you love like me?

No really, when it comes right down to it
I pretty much do what I feel like
I see them every week and I also pray
As long as I keep showing up on Sunday
They don’t ask too many questions
And frankly Lord, I think we’ll keep it just that way
Track Name: In the Margins of Your Mind
You came into my town
Your Cessna plane touched down
Upon our dusty runway
For you cannot come here by road
It was June 2005
Your clan of missionaries, young and white
Carried with them the scent of another world
One of wealth and opportunity

You spoke just a little Spanish
You were surrounded by your luggage
You passed out your goods and your knowledge
And in ten days you were gone

I watched you disappear
In the same way you arrived
Up into the sky
You and your wealthy God flew away
And as the dust kicked up
By the wheels of your departing plane
Settled down upon me I slowly waved
My hope left with you
But I knew I would remain

So fly fly fly away
The glory's waiting at your home's celestial shore
Fly away leave this dreary world of mine
Maybe someday I could fly away like you
If I had money, there are so many things I'd do

July 2008, You came through my neighborhood
To learn some things and do some good
That's alright with me, I guess
You came walking past my porch
I was sitting out by my front door
Passing the heat of the day away
You wanted to talk so I said okay

I'm three years in Katrina's shadow
This is the only street that I know
They tell me I should leave, but I won't go
And soon my neighbors will return
And yes I've got some dreams
But I'll tell you when I please
Cause I know just who you are
And I know just how you'll leave

Yes I can see it now
You've got your ticket out of town
Poking out your pocket
Just a few more days,
You're at the airport gates
And I'll be waiting here still
Watching you disappear
In the same way you arrive
Up into the sky
And I'll be waiting then
Just like I'm waiting now
Track Name: If They Read My Journals After I Die
If they read my journals
After I die, what kind of
God will they find inside
Of the private prose, in
The contour and lines
Of each prayer and fear
And dream of mine?

If they read my journals
After I die, will they find the
Woman I made love with
Last night, in the midnight light
Inside my sleeping mind?
They will find her there,
She is a dream of mine.
Track Name: From the Stump a Branch will Grow
Say to the wise,
Boast not in wisdom
Say to the mighty,
Do not take pride in your strength
Say to the wealthy,
Love not your riches

In repentance and in rest
You would find your salvation
In quietness and trust
You would find your strength
Your strength

You would hear a voice
A word calling from behind you
This is the path you must walk in
Turn not to your left or to your right
Your left or to your right

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